How it started

Fraction started with a simple idea: could there be a fairer way to help people access the equity in their homes?

Coming from a technology background, the Fraction team approached the problem in a completely different way compared to the financial veterans who dominate the industry. We looked at the problem through your perspective.

We threw out the rulebook and wrote a new one

We lifted barriers to access, and did away with penalties.

We reimagined the application process to be more like a partnership, and less like a transaction.

Finally, we put you and your home in the driver seat because like everyone else, your situation is unique.

In the long-run, we want to reshape our entire industry to be fairer and more transparent for all.

Meet the team

Hayden James
CEO & Co-founder
Josh Baker
CTO & Co-founder
Rayan Rafay
COO, CFO & Co-founder
Furst Impressions
Saki Murachi
Behrouz Salehipour
Robert Britton
Lauren Falls
Capital Markets
Krishnakant Mishra
Bill Feaver
Jenny He
Benjamin Brown
Kin Dutta
Sara Priola
Outside General Counsel

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Join a growing team that's reimagining a fairer way for homeowners to access their home equity. If you’re passionate about socially-conscious finance and making a difference, we’d love to have you aboard the team.

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Access up to 40% of your hard-earned equity in tax-free cash without selling your home. Our motto is “spend a little, invest a lot, and save some for a rainy day.”
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