Get up to $1,200,000 while keeping control of your home

Access your home equity, don't make monthly payments, and maintain your independence.

Unlock your equity

You keep full control of your home and continue enjoying it as you always have - but now with more money in your pocket.

Fighting for financial fairness

Fraction makes home financing easy.  No payments, no letters from the bank, no anxiety around your credit score.


No need to worry when there are no monthly payments.

Maintain Ownership

Keep using your house as you always have.


Transfer some home equity into investments that make you money.

Easy Exit

Sell your home anytime, refinance, or pay us back at the end of the term.

Make your home equity work for you

Existing Mortgage
Fraction Appreciation Mortgage
0% of home value

Let’s assume you have a $750,000 house, and you want to free some equity in the home. Move the sliders to see what happens.

Finance should be fair, and now it is